Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is art journaling?

So what is art journaling and why did I get into it? Art journalers will tell you that it can be anything, but I know that’s not a very helpful definition. I use my art journal for a couple purposes. The first page is filled with doodles, mostly from an e-book I purchased at called Oodles of Doodles
The book covers doodling as an embellishment on scrapbook pages mainly, but I was intrigued by the repeating patterns. I sought out more ideas online and found Zentangle, which is an art form all to itself. Now that I’ve started using my notebook for art journaling, I’d like to get a different notebook for doodling. I usually doodle when I’m out and about, waiting for something, and I’d rather not carry around my private art journal. Not to mention that my journal is often sitting on my table drying and I can’t just pick it up and go. 

What do I mean by art journaling? I am honestly so new to it that I’m still working out what it will mean to me and my creative process. I’m allowing myself to just play and become familiar with my supplies and, hopefully, find my voice in this medium. So far I’ve only completed three pages. I generally start by just making a background, having no idea where the page is going or what the theme will be even. For example, I had some turquoise paint left over from something else and I didn’t want to waste it, so I just brushed it onto this page. 
It’s still just sitting in my book waiting for more layers. I bought watercolors in tubes to play with and I’d never used that type of watercolors before, so I just squeezed some out and painted them onto a page in stripes. I picked it up to show my husband, and it started to drip because it was still wet. I liked it, so I sprayed it with more water and dripped it more. 
This one is also just waiting for more layers. I’ve been searching for a spray that will stay put once it’s down, and I tried making Rit dye into a spray. I’d heard this wouldn’t run if it got wet, so I was just experimenting with it. I liked the spray OK, although some of my spray bottles didn’t work that well. But when I went over it with a wet paintbrush (after it had dried), it smeared all over. Well, now I know. I started turning my experiment into a page by doodling on top of it (I was also playing with some new pens I’d bought, to try out all the different tips). You can see in the upper right corner that this is the back of my doodling page. I was using a Sharpie for most of that page and it bled through the paper.
As you can see, I’m just playing with this stuff. I’m not trying to make masterpieces. I’m just figuring out what happens if you get the different mediums wet and discovering how saturated the colors are on a page. But I have been working on it every day, sometimes just a tiny bit, and sometimes making an entire page start to finish (OK, I only did that once!). I hope this gives you an idea of how to start, it can be as simple as painting the page a color. And from there, it really can be anything, just like the art journalers say...


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milkcan said...

Lots of gorgeous stuff! Love that you took your journal with you on your travels! Love that you're doing a lot of journaling! Just love! Thanks for being a part of Art Journal Every Day!

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