Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some completed pages

In my last post, I showed some examples of unfinished backgrounds. Today I’d like to share a couple of my finished pages. The first one is the one page I’ve sat down and made start to finish. 
I just wanted to play around and make a whole page (I think this is the first one to which I added journaling, also). I like pink (but maybe not this much pink!), so I painted the background pink. Then I stenciled with an alphabet stencil and a different shade of pink. I added some stamps with white ink and started thinking about what to write. I had an idea of how to lay out the page and I was planning to put the title in the upper left and journaling down the right side. I stamped a pen in the middle and thought I’d put my journaling starting at the tip of the pen. But then I stamped my title with some really big foam stamps and ended up covering up the pen (you can see it behind the ‘ha’ in What, going towards the ‘y’ in my). I’m working really hard on letting go of perfectionism, so I just left it (although I have to admit that it still bugs me a little). On a scrapbook page, I almost certainly would’ve fixed it somehow (or planned ahead better), but an art journal page strikes me as much less permanent, so it doesn’t bother me as much. The journaling is just a stream of consciousness of what was on my mind that day (I blurred it a bit, as I don’t really want to post my blathering for the world to see). I would like to use this journal as a way to work through some of the thoughts and feelings I have floating around in my head, so I may not post many completed pages. I want to feel completely free to express myself without the pressure to share.

The next one started out as an experiment with watercolor pencils. I remembered drawing a random pattern and filling it in with crayons as a child, so I did something similar with watercolor pencils. I didn’t really love it, so I covered it with some tissue paper I had from an American Girl doll outfit my daughter bought with her birthday money. 
Then I “stamped” the circles with paint and a metal cookie cutter (an idea I got from May Flaum). I still wasn’t sure what I was doing at this point, but I had the packaging from the doll outfit which had several words on it that made me think of the first week of the She Had Three Hearts workshop by Christy Tomlinson. The class is based on a Chinese proverb that a woman has three hearts: one that she shares with the world, one that she shares with her family and close friends, and one that she shares only with herself. I thought about cutting out the words from the packaging and writing my thoughts on how each relates to my heart that I share with the world. So I just adhered the cut-up packaging and wrote around the circles.

I’m not completely in love with either of these pages, but they are my first efforts and I hope that with time and practice, I will find my style. For now I’m enjoying the process and just playing around with my supplies. 


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senovia said...

You are definitely on a roll! I love them! Good luck finding your groove. :)

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