Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art Journaling on the road

A couple weeks ago, we took a family trip. Because art journaling was so new for me, I wanted to continue it on our trip, as much as I could. I brought just a few supplies with me. Because we were travelling by car, I didn't have to worry too much about the size or weight of the items I brought. I packed my journal, my basic scrapbooking tool kit (includes scissors, corner rounders, a tape runner, a glue stick, a hole puncher, etc.), watercolor pencils, gelatos, some Tim Holtz tissue tape, some old magazines, a couple paint brushes, and my Sakura pens. I thought I would work on my journal each evening after the kids were in bed, but I didn't have the energy for it every night. We were away for four nights and I think I worked on it on three of them. One evening I just added journaling and some tissue tape to a background I'd already done previously. Remember this one?
When I finished it, it looked like this:

Because this was our summer vacation, I had summer on the brain and I wanted to work with the magazines I'd brought. I created this background:
I cut out all the words that meant "summer" to me from the magazines (I tried to stick with those that would be big enough to stand out on my page) and stuck them around the edge of the page with a glue stick. I doodled in some of the letters. I colored the "scene" with my watercolor pencils and got it wet to "activate" the water colors. I doodled on the sun and added the doodly flowers. This was done over more than one session. I will add more to this page before it's completed. 

So that's one completed page on a background that was already done and one completed background on a five-day vacation. I think that's pretty good! For more ideas on travelling with your art journal, check out Julie's post here

Have you ever taken your art journal on vacation? Did you get as much done in it as you'd hoped?


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storybeader said...

I have two journals that I work in. I carry one in my purse all the time - it has more writing and things I pick up. My junque journal is my art journal...

Good for you to bring your art journal on the road with you. I usually get on the computer at night! {:-Deb

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