Monday, April 11, 2011

Log Your Memory Week 14

Log Your Memory: Week 14

This week's challenge was to document the changes in one aspect of your life over time. This was one of the weeks where my layout was used as the example for the challenge. For my original layout, I documented my life as a new mom vs. my life as  mother of three. Here's that layout:
Lisa New Mom
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For my new layout, I knew I wanted to use some journaling I'd written for my CaringBridge site back in January. I was laying awake one night unable to sleep thinking about all the changes in my life since my diagnosis. I eventually did fall asleep, but the next day at treatment I started writing this list. I knew it would eventually make it to a scrapbook page, but I waited until the opportunity presented itself. When I saw the challenge for this week, I knew it was perfect! Here's what I came up with:
Storyteller Collection No. 2 by Tiffany Tillman at Design House Digital
Treasure the Memory by Sugarplum Paperie at The Digichick
Fonts are Caslon and CK Vogue
Here's the journaling:
Two months ago I was tired all the time. Now I have energy most days.
Two months ago I didn't know what was going on with my body. Now I have a diagnosis and a plan.
Two months ago I could work to help support my family. Now I don't work, but I still help to support my family through the generosity of others giving me their vacation days.
Two months ago I could lift Sarah to put her in her crib, or her high chair, or change her diaper, but it was excruciating every time. Now I can't lift her, and I need help to take care of her on a day to day basis.
Two months ago I often felt sad. Now I feel hopeful.
Two months ago I was in pain almost all the time. Now I am mostly pain-free.
Two months ago I couldn't exercise at all. Now I can "jog" for 10 minutes on an elliptical machine.
Two months ago I thought I didn't have very many friends. Now I am overwhelmed on a daily basis by how many friends I have and by their generosity.
Two months ago I had plans for the future. Now I live day by day.
Two months ago I worried about what people thought about me. Now I realize that's not very important.
Two months ago I had hair. Now I am bald.
Two months ago I was on a diet to lose weight and I often felt deprived. Now I am on a diet for my health and I sometimes still feel deprived, but I'm working on it.
Two months ago I spent my days taking care of my kids and my house. Now I need help to do both those things and I spend my days focusing on my recovery.
Two months ago I was a mom, a wife, a sonographer, a scrapbooker. Now I am a cancer patient.
Cancer changed everything about my life. But who is to say whether it was for the worse?

I could almost write a whole new list now because things have already changed so much again since January. 

Can you think of a time in your life when everything changed? Have you ever documented those changes? 


senovia said...

Lisa- you are amazing. I'd be sitting, watching TV and crying all the time, feeling sorry for myself. You are one hell of a woman! You take the time to write down everything you are going through and making your layouts in such a way that they are inspiring and beautiful and meaningful. Love you, girl!

By the way, do you know I Pin every one of your layouts?! ;)

April said...

What a beautiful layout. You have me choked up.

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