Friday, March 25, 2011

One Little Word February

One Little Word: February

The prompt for February in Ali Edwards' One Little Word class at Big Picture Classes was to take pictures that represent your word for you in some way. Ali encouraged the class to take the whole month to do the exercise, and not rush into taking a bunch of pictures the first week. I took that advice to heart, and I compiled all my photos the first week of March. Here is the two-page spread I created for February:
One Little Word February
The left is the back of the divided page protector I created in January. Here's just the left page:
One Little Word February
The journaling around the middle square corresponds to each of the photos, and reads: "Time at the hospital - PT exercises - Last FEC treatment - Scrapping retreat - Getting stronger - Hospital entertainment - Constant reminder of friends"
On the right side, Ali gave the option of including an enlargement of one of the photos from the month. I wanted to add some journaling to document how my healing journey was progressing, so I added that to the photo. Here's the layout on the right:
One Little Word- February
Here's the journaling if you're interested: "Physical healing has been progressing very well this month. All the test results that have been coming in have been very positive and Dr. Johnson was very pleased when I saw him at the end of the month. I have decreased the frequency of my physical therapy appointments and will have my last one in early March. Besides the physical, I can’t say I’ve had much progress, however. I have been doing my spiritual exercises fairly regularly, but I still have trouble with my mind wandering. I can’t say I’ve had a huge breakthrough. I’m still impatient with the kids when they’re misbehaving. I still waste too much time and I’m not focused. I still have too much clutter and have trouble letting go of things. I still have trouble making good food decisions. It was unrealistic to expect a whole new personality like the flip of a switch. Just need to keep working on it."
Did you choose a word for the year? How has that word been playing out in your life so far this year?


Tamara said...

Beautiful pages Lisa! Thank you for sharing! I like the small pics on the left and your journaling on the rt gave me lots to think about in my own life :). Keep getting stronger!

Joan said...

They look great. As usual your journaling is spot on. I'm glad you realize how many friends you have out in the larger world cheering you on...some of us "hanging" around with you during treatments. It can't be easy...especially those days like last time when Dave had to leave to pick up the girls. You are brave. You are inspiring. And you are beautiful, lady...even when you are sick.

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