Monday, March 28, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Log Your Memory Monday: Lies we tell ourselves

This week the challenge was to scrapbook about something we tell ourselves that turns out not to be true. Although I could've gotten deep about this one, I have done several journaling-intensive layouts lately for these challenges and I wanted to keep this one a little lighter. So I chose to write about how it always takes us longer to leave the house than we think. I love capturing these everyday moments in our scrapbooks, I think they'll be the moments the kids really like looking back on. Here's my layout:
Template 37 by Ali Edwards
Just Thinking and Sometimes papers by Karla Dudley
Our Story brushes by Karla Dudley
Essentials tag, staples and clock by Karla Dudley
Font is Georgia
Here's the journaling if you're interested:
OK, here’s the scene: We were planning to go to Starbucks as a family outing. We planned to leave at 4:00 so we’d have time to go and come back before dinner. Leaving the house with three kids requires a certain amount of planning. We thought we compensated for this additional time when we decided to start getting ready to leave at ten to 4:00. Then Laura had taken off her socks at some point and needed to go find them. Emma needed to find her iPhone and headphones. Sarah was running the opposite direction towards the playroom. Dave was in charge of everyone at this point and I had my own time management issues. I told myself that it’d only take a minute to finish printing something for a scrapbook layout but of course it took longer, as usual. So I was putzing around with the printer and Dave was trying to corral the children. Once we got everyone into the back hallway, it was still a struggle to get the appropriate gear onto everyone. There were coats, hats, mittens, and boots to find and put on. Then as we were going out to the van, Laura decided she needed to bring her “iPhone” (a plastic flip phone) and she needed to run inside to get it. And so we left at ten after 4:00. So why don’t we start getting ready earlier next time? Is is selective memory? Do we think the kids will stop forgetting things and taking off their socks? We just keep thinking it only takes ten minutes to get ready to go, and it keeps taking twenty. Maybe we’ll learn by the time the kids move out....
Have you ever told yourself something that isn't true?

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