Monday, March 21, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Log Your Memory Monday: Decisions

This week the challenge was to scrapbook about a decision, either a one-time decision or one you make all the time. I decided to write about a decision I make about how to spend my time every minute of the day. Here's what I came up with:

Scrappable Template 3 by Tiffany Tillman at Design House Digital
ABC kit by Cilenia Curtis at Digital Designer Shop
Clock by Karla Dudley
All About Me Word Art by Ali Edwards
Fonts are Garamond and CK Ali's Hand

Here's the journaling if you're interested:
It starts almost every morning when I get up. I think I’m going to get so much done because I don’t have any appointments and the kids are at school all morning. Then I sit at breakfast and read blogs on my iPad. Time slips away. I do my physical therapy exercises or go for a walk if the weather is nice. Time slips away. I do my spiritual exercises and time slips away. Suddenly it’s time for Dave to go get the kids from school and I’m back on Mommy duty. We eat lunch, I read more blogs with my tea, I put Sarah down for her nap, Laura and I read books, time slips away. By the time they’re watching TV in the afternoon, I’m exhausted and I’ve gotten into the habit of watching Friends and Seinfeld reruns. Time slips away. Every evening is slightly different depending on what we’ve got going on, but after dinner I think I’ll get some more tasks accomplished. After the kids are in bed, Dave and I sit with our laptops and usually watch TV, like DVDs of “Modern Family” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Then it’s suddenly 11:00 and the day is over. I usually haven’t gotten as much done as I thought I would. Time just slipped away....
I know that I am in control of my own time, at this point in my life more than ever. I feel like every moment I make a decision about how to spend my time, and I make the wrong decision more often than not. I allow the time to slip away and I need to learn to be more purposeful with it.

How do you manage your time? Do you often feel like you should have accomplished more during the day?


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