Monday, March 14, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Log Your Memory Monday: Share a craving, addiction, or other love/hate relationship

This week the challenge was to scrapbook a craving, addiction, or other love/hate relationship. Here's what I came up with:
Template, papers, and elements from All About Me a Digichick Boutique collab
Staples by Karen Funk
Font is DJB Heather E

Here's the journaling if you're interested:
It started in High School when I would go out with my friends after school or on the weekends. We would usually go to restaurants where they didn’t mind if you hung out for a long time. And what does a teenager who gets generally healthy food at home order at a restaurant? Junk, of course! French fries at Denny’s, piles of pancakes at IHOP, dounts at Dunkin Donuts. The junk food habit continued in college. I used to get a “salad” from the salad bar that consisted of mostly cheese and dressing. My favorite “snack” was soft serve with Lucky Charms on top. I never really learned how to cook properly, so I ate mostly boxed or processed foods that I probably thought were healthy at the time. When Dave and I were living together and in our early married life, we still ate a lot of processed foods and ate out a lot. We started to eat healthier at home when Dave started cooking. We still ate out a lot and I’ve never been good at making healthy choices at restaurants. When Emma was about a year old, I joined Weight Watchers and that’s when we really started to make good food choices for awhile. Then it started to go down hill again when I was in school for ultrasound. I would eat lunch out a lot and grab snacks on the way to and from school. I really got into some bad habits when I was doing my internship in Waconia. It was a 45 minute drive and I would stop at a gas station most days on the way home and get chips and candy for the drive. Since that time, I’ve had periods of healthy eating, mostly when I was following some specific diet plan, but mostly I have a problem with junk food. I always have an excuse for why I “deserve” a snack or a sweet treat. I still make poor choices at restaurants most of the time and we come up with too many reasons to eat out. At this point in my life, it’s becoming more and more important to eat nourishing, healthy foods and I don’t know why I can’t get over the junk food habit. We generally eat well at home, I just need to cut out all the junk I eat out of the house. This is one of the big lessons I need to learn in this life and a major part of my healing process. I just hope that I figure out how to make these changes very soon.

This one was hard for me to write about because it's something I still struggle with every day. Any tips for ridding myself of my junk food addiction?


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