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Catch up Thursday

Catch up Thursday: Yesterday+Today Week Five
I know I missed my Catch up Thursday post last week. I actually had this layout completely finished, except for the stitching. When I went to sew on it, my sewing machine just kept jamming up. I talked to my mom, who is a sewing expert and whose old machine I use, and looked in the manual, but I couldn't fix it. My mom said that the machine does have to be cleaned and serviced every so often (not that often since I don't use it a ton), and I'd never done that since I've had it. So I took it in to the shop. Turns out it was broken and I wouldn't have been able to fix it. I also bought the proper oil and they showed me where to put it when I need to oil the machine, which should keep it running properly between professional cleanings. They told me this would be especially important because I sew on paper pretty much all the time. So today I was finally able to finish my layout.

This layout is for Week Five of Yesterday+Today by Ali Edwards, which focused on photo-less layouts. If you've been following my layouts here, you've seen that I've done several photo-less layouts this year for the Log Your Memory challenges, but I really hadn't done many prior to that. I actually did this layout during the class, but I did it about Dave. Here's that layout:
Sorry for the poor quality photo, I took it awhile ago to post to the class gallery before I worked on my layout photography skills. I'm so glad I did this layout because Dave is actually the person who is featured the least in our scrapbooks. He takes a lot of the pictures, especially at events, and I just don't make the time very often to get his perspective for journaling and telling his stories. I would love to do this more in the future.

These are both 6x12 layouts, that are back to back in a 6x12 page protector. The lesson this week was about photo-less layouts, but I did want to include a photo on one side of the layout. This was one of the options that Ali gave for the assignment. Here's my layout (again, these are both 6x12 layouts that are back to back in the page protector):
YT You should know Lisa
I wrote the date on it at the bottom after I took the picture. My stitching skills could use some work! Here's the journaling if you're interested:
1. Was born in Big Spring, TX, but moved to WI at one year old. 2. Likes to turn the water on super hot at the end of the shower and just stand under it for awhile. 3. Lived in Guayaquil, Ecuador for a summer as an exchange student in high school. 4. Dyed her hair purple in college with Manic Panic hair dye. 5. Has had a problem with self-esteem and body image ever since she can remember. 6. Studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain for a year in college. 7. Is not a barefoot person. Wears shoes, slippers, or flip-flops at all times in the house. 8. Is really proud of the fact that she breast fed three babies to about 14 months each. 9. Wishes she practiced Spanish more and kept up her fluency. 10. Enjoys driving. 11. Went to the University of Minnesota because she wanted to go to a big school and wanted to be further away from home than Madison. 12. Drinks six tea bags worth of green tea every day. 13. Majored in International Relations and Spanish in college. Hated International Relations once she figured out what it was, but it was too late to change majors at that point. 14. Has a pair of purple Doc Marten’s in her closet that she doesn’t wear, but can’t get rid of. 15. Doesn’t enjoy puzzles, but loves board games. 16. Got all “A’s” in High School and College (including studying abroad for one year), except for one “B” in an incredibly boring class for her IR major. That one “B” still bothers her a little bit. 17. Started scrapbooking in 2001 at a Creative Memories party. 18. Traveled around Europe by train with two friends between freshman & sophomore year in college. 19. Thought she knew Spanish when traveling in Europe & asked for "soup" instead of "soap" in a laundromat in Spain (those two words don't sound anything alike in Spanish). 20. Started digital scrapbooking in 2009 when she figured out she could hold Sarah and scrapbook at the same time. 21. Thinks she’s adventurous and loves to travel, but is actually a home-body who is afraid of new situations. 22. Has been to Canada, Ecuador, Chile, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, and Italy. Would love to travel to Great Britain. 23. Has many online friends that she considers real friends, and not many real-life friends close by. 24. Her father was an airline pilot, so she traveled in planes a lot, but she got motion sick and never enjoyed flying. 25. Still sleeps with her childhood stuffed animal, a raccoon named Ricky. 26. Has always considered herself shy. 27. Doesn’t cook. 28. Is a perfectionist and a procrastinator. 29. Has never been good at keeping “to-do” lists. 30. Does not consider herself creative. 31. Does not enjoy gardening, although she feels like she should because her mom loves it. 32. Is allergic to cats and dogs, but grew up with dogs and wishes she could have one now.
Sorry I don't have the journaling for Dave's typed up anymore. I must have deleted it after I printed it. I wanted to use the photo of me that was taken on the same day as the one of Dave, for consistency between the layouts. I meant to do the layout of me during class, but I just didn't get around to it. I'm glad I did finish it now because I love these type of layouts. I think these type of random facts will be the kinds of things that my kids will find interesting someday, I know I'd love a list of these about my parents!

Have you ever made a layout with random facts about yourself? How much are you in your own scrapbooks? What about your partner/significant other? Does he/she feature in your scrapbooks? More or less than you?

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April said...

What a cool set of pages. I WOULD love to have pages like this about my Mom. I need to do something like this. I've been getting better about putting myself into layouts since I've been watching your posts, and better about not deleting all the photos of myself. I love that you are in so many of your pages I forget to hand off the camera so I'm mostly invisible in my own albums.

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