Monday, February 14, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Loves of My Life: A Special Relationship

The challenge for this week was to document a special relationship with words and photos. I chose to write about my relationship with my sister, Christine. Here's the layout:

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Here is the journaling if you are interested:
I remember being great friends as kids. We loved to play pretend games with our stuffed animals and neither one of us was into dolls. We listened to music and played dress up and kitchen in the playroom in the Kenosha house. We shared a bedroom where I slept on the top bunk. We’d talk at night about a futuristic world where our beds could fly and we’d travel around in them all day. We’d dream about the features our flying beds would have. We climbed the tree in the back yard and played on the swing set. When we moved to Shorewood, we made friends with the girls on our block and we all played outside until the street lights came on. When I was in middle school, we weren’t as close. I was into boys and friends and you were still a little kid.

When I was a senior and you were a freshman, we ended up in the same group of friends again. We were both in the drama club. We were closer again, but I don’t remember confiding in you much, you probably still seemed too young and immature to me. When I went to college, we drifted apart a bit. I don’t remember writing many letters or keeping in touch that much. Of course we saw each other at holidays, but I remember wanting to see my friends more than my family on school breaks.

We really started to be great friends again when you went to college. I lived in the Twin Cities and would often drive you to Duluth when you went home for breaks. This was the closest we would live to each other in our adult lives and I have great memories of that time. After you graduated, I hoped you would settle near me, and I was disappointed when you told me you’d found a job in Seattle. You were one of my best friends at that point in my life, and I’d come to really admire your spirit and your light. Then you moved away, and just kept moving physically further and further away. After you and Carol were married and moved to Chile, I missed you terribly. When I started to realize that you were going to live there indefinitely, that it wasn’t just another study abroad trip, I was so sad. But I have to acknowledge that you are following a path and each step on that path has been obvious to you when you took it. Could you have looked ahead from Duluth to living in the forest in southern Chile? No, but you’ve been following spirit ever since Duluth and I admire you so much for that.

All the visits that we’ve had since you moved to Chile have been special, but when you came to stay with me after my diagnosis, it was the most special one of all. I cherished each moment that we spent together and I was so grateful that you were able to come and help me in my time of greatest need. It was a very difficult period for me, so of course there were stressful times and tense moments, but overall that visit was a gift. It is hard to stay connected over the thousands of miles between us, and I know I need to do a better job of keeping in touch. I wish that we could live in the same town and see each other often. Maybe someday we will. It would be a dream come true for me. For now I will cherish our visits and try to make a better effort to call. I trust that spirit will bring us together physically if that is meant to happen. I look forward to the time that each of my girls will go stay with you for an extended time and learn Spanish and the way of life you are leading in the forest. I am so grateful that I have a sister who is my best friend. I love you, Christine.

Have you taken the time to document the special relationships in your life?


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