Monday, February 28, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Loves of My Life: Document an object you love

The challenge this week was to document an object you love. I didn't have to think too much about what I wanted to do for this one, and here's what I came up with:
Peek a Boo Template Set 1 by Tiffany Tillman at Design House Digital
Crazy in Love by Karla Dudley
Metal Rimmed Glittered Alpha Red No. 1 and Date Tags No. 2 by Katie Pertiet
Have a Heart Felt No. 4 by Pattie Knox
Font is Museo

What about you? Are you a Mac person or a PC? Do you love your technology gadgets as much as I do?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catch up Thursday

This week I went back to digi and worked on a layout for Up & Running by Jessica Sprague. This is Lesson 4 and there is only one more lesson after this before I finish this class, also. Although this is a beginner class, I am still finding little tips and tricks in each lesson, and creating beautiful layouts, too! Here's what I came up with:

Based on a layout by Jessica Sprague for Up & Running
Urban Couture by Basic Grey at The Digichick
Snap Frame Alpha and Lil Bit Tags No 2 by Katie Pertiet
Fonts are Anthology and Century Oldstyle
If you like these papers and some of the other layouts I've done with kits from The Digichick, they are having a big sale through February 27th. Go check it out!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Loves of my Life: Everyday Life

The challenge for this week was to document a part of your everyday life that you really love and treasure. I chose to write about part of our new routine since Sarah started school. Here's my layout:
Layered Template 38 and Life Line Stacks by Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals
Fall blog hop kit by Design House Digital designers
Christmas Magic paper (white) by Karen Funk at Design House Digital
Font is Esat Hoxha
I was really proud to see that my layout was chosen as the layout of the week on the Log Your Memory blog

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catch up Thursday

Catch up Thursday: Camp Scrap

I wrote about Camp Scrap last week and this week I finished the class! I had only one layout left to complete and the assignment was to use word strips as your journaling. I was at a scrapbooking retreat this past weekend and I only brought my computer (and one mini book project that I will post on the blog soon). So I created this final layout digitally, using digital word strips. I have lots of real word strips and I'm sure I'll use this idea again because it was a lot of fun and an easy way to add journaling to the page. Here's my layout:


Layer Works Little Hearts 2 template by Studio DD at Designer Digitals
Little Princess, Pin Feathers, and Pretty Posy papers by Carina Gardner
Word Strip Labels No. 3, Flourished Love No. 3, and Date Tags No. 2 by Katie Pertiet
Stitching by Traci Reed

I normally really enjoy journaling, but sometimes I don't have a lot to say, especially for older photos, so the word strips worked perfectly for these pictures. Do you journal on all your pages? Any tricks for remembering details about older photos?


Monday, February 14, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Loves of My Life: A Special Relationship

The challenge for this week was to document a special relationship with words and photos. I chose to write about my relationship with my sister, Christine. Here's the layout:

From the Heart Boutique Collab kit by The Digichick Designers
Peek a Boo template by Tiffany Tillman releasing Feb. 10 at Design House Digital
Painted Paper Masks by Sugarplum Paperie at The Digichick
Essential Hardware by Karen Funk
Font is Trebuchet
Here is the journaling if you are interested:
I remember being great friends as kids. We loved to play pretend games with our stuffed animals and neither one of us was into dolls. We listened to music and played dress up and kitchen in the playroom in the Kenosha house. We shared a bedroom where I slept on the top bunk. We’d talk at night about a futuristic world where our beds could fly and we’d travel around in them all day. We’d dream about the features our flying beds would have. We climbed the tree in the back yard and played on the swing set. When we moved to Shorewood, we made friends with the girls on our block and we all played outside until the street lights came on. When I was in middle school, we weren’t as close. I was into boys and friends and you were still a little kid.

When I was a senior and you were a freshman, we ended up in the same group of friends again. We were both in the drama club. We were closer again, but I don’t remember confiding in you much, you probably still seemed too young and immature to me. When I went to college, we drifted apart a bit. I don’t remember writing many letters or keeping in touch that much. Of course we saw each other at holidays, but I remember wanting to see my friends more than my family on school breaks.

We really started to be great friends again when you went to college. I lived in the Twin Cities and would often drive you to Duluth when you went home for breaks. This was the closest we would live to each other in our adult lives and I have great memories of that time. After you graduated, I hoped you would settle near me, and I was disappointed when you told me you’d found a job in Seattle. You were one of my best friends at that point in my life, and I’d come to really admire your spirit and your light. Then you moved away, and just kept moving physically further and further away. After you and Carol were married and moved to Chile, I missed you terribly. When I started to realize that you were going to live there indefinitely, that it wasn’t just another study abroad trip, I was so sad. But I have to acknowledge that you are following a path and each step on that path has been obvious to you when you took it. Could you have looked ahead from Duluth to living in the forest in southern Chile? No, but you’ve been following spirit ever since Duluth and I admire you so much for that.

All the visits that we’ve had since you moved to Chile have been special, but when you came to stay with me after my diagnosis, it was the most special one of all. I cherished each moment that we spent together and I was so grateful that you were able to come and help me in my time of greatest need. It was a very difficult period for me, so of course there were stressful times and tense moments, but overall that visit was a gift. It is hard to stay connected over the thousands of miles between us, and I know I need to do a better job of keeping in touch. I wish that we could live in the same town and see each other often. Maybe someday we will. It would be a dream come true for me. For now I will cherish our visits and try to make a better effort to call. I trust that spirit will bring us together physically if that is meant to happen. I look forward to the time that each of my girls will go stay with you for an extended time and learn Spanish and the way of life you are leading in the forest. I am so grateful that I have a sister who is my best friend. I love you, Christine.

Have you taken the time to document the special relationships in your life?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catch up Thursday

Camp Scrap Week Four

Camp Scrap was a class held last summer at Big Picture Classes. It was taught by May Flaum, who is one of my favorite scrapbookers. This was a really fun class in which May basically just gave us a ton of inspiration and fun assignments. There was a different type of assignment for each day of the week (journaling prompts, sketches, etc.). I completed almost all of the assignments, and loved all the layouts I created. The layout below was based on the sketch for Week Four. It was a two-page sketch, with lots of photos, which I love. Here's the left side:

MPM Left

And the right side:

MPM Right

Here you can see both pages together:

MPM 2 pg

Pink Paislee Patterned Paper
Basic Grey letter stickers
Prima and Creative Memories flowers
Cloud 9 Design Rain dots
Fiskars corner punch
American Crafts pen
DMC floss
button, metal accent, and brad

I love how many pictures I was able to fit onto the page, but I think they still have room to breathe. I almost always use a sketch for a paper page and a template for a digital page. I find that starting with a sketch or template frees up my creativity more than anything else. If I'm starting with a blank canvas, I just sit and stare at it for too long and can't make any decisions. Do you like to use sketches?


Monday, February 7, 2011

Log Your Memory Monday

Journaling Challenge: Share Your Story Through a fairy tale

This week was the first week for which my layout was published in the logbook as the example. So I was essentially scraplifting myself! Here's my original layout:
Type + Writer 1 Class Template and Papers by Jessica Sprague
Fonts: Arial, Ma Sexy, Seeing Stars, and Designer Mixed
The journaling is about how my husband and I met and fell in love, told in the third person like a fairy tale. 

My updated version for the challenge was to tell my parents' love story, using the same narrative style. I wrote what I could remember from the stories I'd heard over the years (which was embarrassingly little), emailed it to my Dad, and he basically re-wrote it. Then my mom added in her perspective, and I combined both stories to get both viewpoints. Here's the updated layout:
Template by Jessica Sprague for Type+Writer
Everyday Hello kit by Fei-Fei's Stuff and Ashalee Wall Designs
Scuffy Overlays No. 4 by Honey Scraps at Digital Designer Shop
Loaded Layers Heart Layered Template and Curvy Corner Stitched Blocks No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
Little Bit of Messy Love word art by Ali Edwards
Flossy Stitches by Katie Pertiet
Font is Caslon Pro
I know it's hard to read because I wanted to fit a lot in, but here's the journaling in case you're interested in the whole story: 
Once upon a time the familiar story of boy meets girl started out with a different twist.  As this twist approached the boy saw heartache and disappointment, but was rewarded by meeting the love of his life. Even then the path to true love had some potholes in it.

But this story is getting ahead of itself.

It was 1966 and the setting was Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.  The boy had just moved into the dorm after a semester on the waiting list. He was meeting new people and adjusting to the new life of the dorm.  The opportunity to meet more girls made the boy think this was a definite plus.  Introduced through friends, the boy began dating a pretty and funny girl and they had lots of laughs on their few dates.  But the boy very soon felt that the girl was pulling away, perhaps even avoiding him. She was Jewish and he was not; for her this meant their relationship couldn’t be serious.  The boy asked her to a basketball game on a weekend she planned to go home and she suggested he take her roommate instead. The boy was disappointed by this apparent rejection. He had met the roommate in the dining hall and thought her a pretty girl, but very quiet and not nearly as outgoing and jovial as her roommate.  He did the nice thing and took the quiet girl to the game.  It wouldn’t count as a “date” since he was still dating her roommate; it was just two friends, acquaintances really, going to a game.

But he liked the girl; they had a good time.  Soon after the first roommate made it clear.  While she hoped they’d remain friends, there was no relationship potential and, anyway, isn’t my roommate a nice girl?  Why don’t you take her out again?  The boy, living on a budget, asked the roommate to go out with him.  They would go to the common room in the dorm and watch the new football game the news was all atwitter about.  It was Super Bowl I, Green Bay Packers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.  Of course the Pack won, but that’s another story line.  The boy sprang for a pizza and a couple of cokes. The girl could care less about football, but she enjoyed hanging out with this nice guy.

The relationship unfolded in the usual manner, with some fits and starts; there was some dating of others, but they came to be a couple.  Until the summer came.  She would be going home, far far away, and would not see the boy until September.  He wanted to “go steady,” but she wanted to be sure he was the right one.  She thought the way to do that would be to date other people and with that she left for the summer.
The boy moped around all summer.  He tried dating but it didn’t go well.  When September arrived he was sick with apprehension but after a slow start the boy and girl picked up and had a great year. He gave her his fraternity letters on a necklace, which meant they were “going steady.”
He thought everything was great, but she still wasn’t sure. She had the same story as the next summer approached.  The boy was shocked.  Again?  He begged and pleaded but she was firm; she gave the necklace back.  Then the boy was angry.

The summer dragged by and when September came his anger at spending the summer in remorse made him leery of committing to a relationship when the other person was apparently not willing to make the same commitment.  Little did he know that she was sitting up at night wishing and hoping that he would call. She knew he’d been angry, but she wanted him to call. When he finally did, she cried and cried with relief and joy in her heart. The boy let it be known he was willing to restart the relationship but the girl had to make a big decision first.

On a crisp fall day soon after the girl approached the boy at the fraternity house where he now lived.  The boy watched her approach the house; he would remember many years later the colors on the trees, the bite of coolness in the air and the scared, apprehensive look in the face of the girl as she came up the stairs to the porch.  She was now sure. Soon after that he gave her his fraternity pin, which meant they were engaged.

And THEN they lived happily ever after.
Have you ever written your journaling in the third person? It's kind of fun to step outside the story and write it as if it were a fairy tale.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Little Word 2011

The first time I tried to follow along with Ali Edwards' One Little Word idea, I chose a word with lots of enthusiasm in December, then promptly forgot it in January. I can't even recall what that word was right now. A couple years passed when I didn't chose a word at all; I sometimes tried resolutions and sometimes I didn't. This year, with my health situation changing my whole world upside down, I knew everything would be different. At the same time, Ali started a class at Big Picture Classes to help people keep focused throughout the year. I knew this would be the year I would stick to it and that this word would make a difference in my life. I chose the word "Healing" for my 2011 focus. It was a pretty obvious choice, but I hope to interpret it in non-obvious ways throughout the year.

I would like to focus beyond physical healing, to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, as well. I've always wanted to make big changes in my life: get more organized, declutter, lose weight, exercise more. I've made lots of resolutions around these and other goals, but haven't made any huge changes. I've lost weight, I've gained weight. I've exercised, I've fallen out of the habit. I've decluttered some areas, and I've bought more stuff to replace the clutter. But this word, "healing," really isn't about any of that. I am just asking spirit to guide me to where I need to be to feel healed at the end of this journey. I hope that comes along with a proclamation of "remission," as well, but even if I'm still battling this disease for years, I want to feel more emotionally, spiritually, and mentally healed to deal with that battle and to go through my daily life.

So far in the class we've started an 8.5 x 11 album to hold all the different items we're going to make throughout the year. It holds different sized page protectors for the different pages. The prompt for January was to make a title page, with a 5x7 picture of yourself on the back, and to fill in the front of one of the 9-pocket protectors with different small cards to start defining and capturing your word for yourself.

Here is my title page:
Title page template by Ali Edwards
Making Memories letter stickers
I am using a Making Memories album and supplies from a line called "5th Avenue." Here's my self-portrait:
OLW Jan 5x7
Overlay by Ali Edwards

I have been taking a series of photos as my port and other injuries from the hospital have been healing. This one still shows some swelling and I think it shows how tired I still was, but my sister thought the look on my face is hopeful and happy. Still not sure if it's a little jarring, but it definitely shows the beginning of a journey. 

And here's the first page of my album:
Most supplies by Making Memories
For February, the prompt is to take at least nine photos that somehow represent your word. I've been thinking about it. Ali wants us to take our time with this one and not just shoot the first nine photos that come to mind. I will definitely do this as I want to try to capture more than just my physical healing with the photos. I will share what I come up with next month.

Did you choose a word of the year? Would you mind sharing? If you're not taking Ali's class (for which you can still sign up, just so you know), how do you keep your word in focus throughout the year?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catch Up Thursday/Catching up for January

My second scrappy goal for this year is to complete one past assignment from my many unfinished online classes each week. This is really the fifth week of the year, and I've only completed four, but that's four more than I had completed before, right? So here we go with the assignments:

Up & Running Lesson Three:
This is the beginner class at I bought it way back when I started digiscrapping about a year and a half ago, but I never finished it. Most of the material is review for me at this point, but I really like Jessica's teaching style and she always has a little tip or shortcut that I didn't know before. This assignment was to create the layout below following Jessica's video tutorials. Most of the materials were provided with the class and I added a couple embellishments from my stash.

Laura 2nd birthday-UR3_web
Flapjacks paper and ribbon, Sanded Overlay, Date Tags, Birthday cut-ups, and Acrylic alpha by Katie Pertiet
Blending masks by Kim Wresh at Digichick
White photo anchors by Karen Funk
Brads by Designer Digitals Help Haiti Collab and The Lilly Pad and SSD collab
Fonts are Century Gothic, Big Mummy and CK Bella

Because I had more pictures from my daughter's second birthday party, I created a second page to go along with it, unrelated to the class materials:

201101Laura 2nd birthday TNT_25DaysHOL10_SQUARE-8_web
Holiday Template 8 by Tiffany Tillman
Autumn Time paper by Honey Scraps at Digital Designer Shop
Flatjacks ribbon and paper, Sanded Overlay, and Birthday Words by Katie Pertiet
Stitched by Anna Circles
Paint Swirls by Mary Ann Wise

Up & Running Bonus Three:
Many of Jessica's classes have bonus lessons in between the "main" lessons. Up & Running is no exception. The bonus in this case was learning to use a layered template. I use templates on basically every page I make, so I definitely know how to use them, but I created the layout below with the template provided with the class materials. 
Yesterday Today Tomorrow by Karen Lewis at The Digichick
Tears Set 3: Tattered Holes by Tiffany Tillman at Design House Digital
Template by Jen Caputo
Fonts are Teletype, Adler, and 1942 Report

Yesterday+Today Week Two:
This was one of my favorite classes ever. It was taught by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes. I took the class at the end of 2009 and I did make a lot of the layouts during class, but this one (the first one) was meant to be the title page for an album to contain all the layouts for the class. Because I was planning to incorporate the layouts into my existing albums, I didn't need a title page and I never used the sketch for anything else until now. I ended up making a Christmas page with some older photos, so it really has nothing to do with the class material, but it does follow the sketch provided in class. 
I would call this a hybrid page because I printed the pictures specifically to these sizes for the layout. I combined them all on one 8x10 print, had it printed at Walmart, then cut it apart, punched the edges of both sides (the strip of pictures on the left is one strip, not individual pictures) and used them on my layout. I don't generally do this for paper-based pages, I usually start with 4x6 prints, but it was a fun page to create. I wanted to print the pictures and use paper supplies mainly because I'd just bought a bunch of Christmas products on sale and wanted to use them!

Y+T Week 2
Based on a sketch by Ali Edwards for Yesterday+Today at Big Picture Scrapbooking
American Crafts Dear Lizzy paper and journaling pen
Girls' Paperie ribbon and flower
EK Success punch
Creative Memories title sticker
Dimensional Details Week Three:
This was another class at Big Picture Classes, by Nic Howard. The class was about adding detail to your pages, and this week was about making your own background. The layout below was inspired by one in the handout that used letter stickers as a hand-made background. That's right, the letters you're seeing below are all individual letter stickers, placed by hand on the cardstock. That took a really long time! But I used up a sheet of letter stickers, which I've never done before, so it was a worthwhile pursuit and I like the look it created on the page. 
Story Time Layout
Patterned paper by My Mind's Eye
Journaling block by Jenni Bowlin
Letter stickers by Creative Memories and Making Memories
Zig journaling pen
Unknown cardstock

Thank you again for making it to the end of a long catch-up post! I hope these layouts were inspiring, or maybe prompted you to find an old assignment you never finished and complete it. Do you take online scrapbooking classes? Have you completed all the assignments? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Designs by Dana
© 2011 Designs by Dana
© Kit by Karla Dudley